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Fantasy Domes

Fantasy Domes is an Immersive 360° 4D experience that is transforming the way that we see and now feel video entertainment. It has been revered as a revolutionary new way to consume media. Fantasy Domes is paving the way for innovation in modern entertainment. Viewers are no longer confined to the stale 3D theater experience and Fantasy Domes will satisfy everyone’s craving for something new and fresh.

Fantasy Domes was formed to capture the world's most fantastical experiences and package them to be accessible to the general public. Originating in digital planetariums, immersive projection technology has evolved more than ever thought possible. Experience virtual reality portals that can transport audiences into other worlds birthed from the minds of cutting-edge artists.

Our skilled team of artists, engineers and producers have decades of industry experience. Their collaborative efforts have breathed new life into the mainstream media and entertainment markets. Our goal is to captivate audiences and deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience like nothing ever conceived before.

Fantasy Domes delivers both fixed and mobile immersive media format theaters. Our flexible venues and programming are custom tailored to match themed entertainment and corporate events. We are focused on developing and operating an ecosystem of branded immersive media destination theaters.

Fantasy Dome Las Vegas

Fantasy Dome Las Vegas is a ground-breaking immersive theater that features one of a kind 4D 360° programming that will take audiences on the ride of their lives.

Fantasy Dome Las Vegas will feature all types of shows ranging from musically focused highly artistic shows to ride-style film attractions comparable to Disney’s Soarin’ and is guaranteed take everyone on unforgettable journeys and epic adventures to dreamlike destinations. Come join us the fantasy awaits!

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